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I’m actually pretty impressed by Casa Nueva’s use of social media in terms of all the services that they use and how they use each one for its intended purposes.

While looking at their home page, it’s easy to gather that you are looking at the website of a restaurant/bar/music venue. They have links to all of their various social media outlets, and they cover the whole gamut of them really. They have a MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and a link to their review page on Yelp. I especially enjoy the fact that they have a widget linked to their Foursquare account because it really gives their mayor a sense of pride.

While it is true that they have a presence on all of these sites, they use them two different purposes; promoting their business as a restaurant and promoting their business as a musical venue. On some of their sites, they downplay one or the other in order to appeal to whichever audience they’re trying to contact.

If you click on the link to their Twitter account, @CasaNuevaRest,  you can see that they talk about food and drink specials for the day, different bands that will be playing, articles they think their locavore fans will enjoy, and when they’ll be having unexpected closings. This is all well and good, but they currently have only 156 followers so they’re not reaching a very large audience.

From their webpage you can also “like” them on Facebook, but all you end up doing is liking a link that takes you directly back to the website you were just on, Also, the link to their Facebook page isn’t a Facebook page at all; its a link to some dudes profile who works at Casa (I’m still waiting to be accepted :/). The description of their business under info is “I like music and booze,” which, for their hipster crowd, is probably very appealing, but for anyone else, it sounds like it would be run by animals.

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However, the profile does list the same kind of information that their Twitter account does and they let other people post to the page. The profile has 2,210 friends, which is a good number but I think they should also promote their other social media platforms and encourage others to connect with them there. Under their website listings, they only have links to their MySpace and website; they should definitely include others.

Their MySpace page is used mainly to connect with bands that have played at their venue or ones that they would like to see there in the future. It really makes a lot of sense from that aspect because most people don’t really use MySpace any more except for the purpose of promoting their bands.

While it doesn’t make sense for Ohio University to have a MySpace, it makes perfect sense that they would. If you look at their friends, most of them are bands and the page is full of info on upcoming shows, a music player demonstrating the types of groups that have played there and booking information.

I’m pretty impressed by the fact that they have a Foursquare widget linked to their account but they could be using it more effectively. Since they have a Yelp account also linked to their website, their Foursquare presence is basically serving the same purpose. Location-based marketing could be the next big thing and I think it would be cool to see them utilize this.

On Foursquare, you can claim a venue as your own, partner up with the company and create different events and incentives that would encourage more people to come and check-in at your business. For instance, they have a mayor of their establishment but she doesn’t really get any credit for it.

On their website, you can create certain conditions in which you would be able to offer your best customers incentives to keep coming back. You could make it so that if someone checks in there more than 20 times in 60 days then they would be sent a text message saying that they get a free margarita or something to that effect.

They have had 560 total check-ins from 252 different people which seems healthy for a geo-tagging service that is still used by a small portion of our society. It’s not a service you can name drop like Twitter where most people will know what you’re talking about.

Lastly, they have a link to Yelp showing that their average rating is 4 stars, something they should be proud of. The rating comes from 29 different people but they have more 4 and 5 star ratings than anything else. It’s a bold move, unless you’re an excellent establishment like Casa Nueva.

Overall, it is really impressive how they have their fingers in so many different social media dishes but they just need to make sure to link them all to one another and make sure that they have a clearly defined definition of what they are.

Klout is a website that provides you with in-depth information about how influential you are in your social networks. I’m sad to say that Casa Nueva has a pretty low score of 19, which means I’m much more influential with a score of 45.


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One response to “Casa Nueva

  • Michelle

    hi! i stumbled upon your site today and really appreciate the feedback! i do a lot of casa’s social media marketing and can always use tips. since this blog post, we’ve doubled our twitter following, updated the facebook page to a fan page, retired the myspace, and are trying to learn more about foursquare. i’m checking out klout, now, too. thanks so much for all the nice things you said.

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