Alden Library: Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be…Not!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Chubb hall used to be the old location of Ohio University’s library? I bet you didn’t!

Alden Library can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent at least 40% of my college career sitting in this building (It’s where I’m currently posted/posting) and I actually have a love for the place. In my time here, they have done a good job at connecting with students and trying to improve their experiences while they’re here.

Photo via Ohio University's Wikipedia Page

A lot of people have trouble navigating to their site from Ohio University’s homepage (I know because I was on Alden Library’s Student Public Relations Committee) and even then, people don’t know how to use the wealth of resources available to them. One of the easiest ways to get help from the librarians is by directly having instant message conversations with them or even having a Skype conversation if you were so inclined.

When you first arrive on Alden’s homepage, you can see that they have both Twitter and Facebook accounts and the ability to subscribe to their various RSS feeds. Both of their uses of the social media platforms are very informative and interactive, however, they also have a YouTube channel, but no link to it from their home page.

I hadn’t looked at their Facebook page in a long time and they are really taking advantage of the wealth of features available for use in the new pages. I find that their Facebook page is 10 times easier to navigate than their actual web page.

Their Facebook page allows you to do all the (“important”) things you could do on their website but its all in one easy place on their sidebar. For example, there are links to all of Ohio University’s yearbooks, their YouTube channel, IM a Librarian, subscriptions to their RSS feeds, InfoTree and Alice Online Catalog. In addition to that, they have components I didn’t know existed in the social media world; the ability to search for books and site them in your required format (CiteMe) and a service that allows you to search for books in libraries all over the world (WorldCat).

In addition to all of these

They are very active on Twitter and thank people for mentioning them or retweeting things that they’ve said.

I’ve had the joy of having Alden respond to one of my tweets about something that had been a bone of contention with me for some time:

  • HumbleMumble: @AldenLibrary Idk whose idea it was to put extension chords on all these tables on the 3rd floor but it is a much appreciated improvement
  • AldenLibrary: @humblemumble Glad to hear it – and thanks for letting us know. We appreciate the feedback.

I really do appreciate when I know that there is someone listening to me, even if it is just a librarian avoiding work by tweeting at its “customers.” However, I was kind of upset when I noticed that they got new covers on the seats in the cafe and they didn’t respond back to me. I’ve since gotten over this.

Klout is a website that provides you with in-depth information about how influential you are in your social networks. I’m surprised at how low Alden Libraries number is because I’m technically more influential. Alden comes in with a score of 44, where mine is a score of 45.


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