Courtside Pizza and Sports Bar: Legit

Photo via Courtside Pizza and Sports Bar Facebook

Courtside, or C-Side, as it is colloquially known, is a very popular bar in Athens, Ohio, and it is one of my personal favorites. When I look back on my college experiences, I will think about all the good times (and money) I spend there with all my friends and strangers. It’s definitely one of the best place to go to watch your favorite sporting event because of their reasonable drink prices, decent music selection and wide variety of patrons. Nearly everyone on this campus is aware of their Wednesday Slice Nights, where you can get a slice of cheese pizza for 50 cents and a slice with pepperoni for 75 cents. How can you beat a deal like that?

They aren’t very active in the social media world, as they only have a Facebook page and a few unclaimed destinations on FourSquare. On their Facebook, they currently have 1,313 friends, which means that they are using Facebook as a “person” and not as a page. This is something they should look into updating.

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They don’t post things on their Wall very often, but they are very good about keeping up with peoples friend requests. They do, however, make events for things that are going on at their bar like today’s Green Beer Day event and yesterdays Fat Tuesday Celebration. The bar also does a good job of keeping up with photos that people take when they’re at the bar which helps you get a feeling for what kind of atmosphere they have.

The problem with their current Facebook profile is that there isn’t a way for people to interact with it other than “liking” or commenting on posts that Courtside makes. They can still post to other peoples walls as Courtside Pizza but they’re missing out on a lot of interactivity and information that could be gathered using the New Facebook Group Pages.

It would be beneficial for them to consider getting a Twitter account because I know a lot of people that @tag them or #tag them, but this really doesn’t serve a purpose. If Courtside would hop on the Twitter wagon, they could interact with their fans more directly than they can on their Facebook profile.

Also, it would be a good idea for the fellas at Courtside to claim their venue on FourSquare so people have a legitimate place to “Check-In” to. Between the 3 venues listed on FourSquare, there are nearly 1,000 “Check-Ins” at Courtside which is no number to sneeze at.

Basically, what I’m saying is Courtside is pretty bad at using social media and they should do their best to improve their performance in this increasing social world of ours.


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One response to “Courtside Pizza and Sports Bar: Legit

  • David

    I stumbled onto your review and thanks for the compliments and also thank you for your suggestions for marketing! Twitter is something that we are looking into, but we are mixed on how successful it would be for us, but you can’t argue with every little bit helps. We do keep up with our Facebook page daily and if anythings happening we post it there. Check out our web site, it launched two months ago and it turned out awesome, its
    Thanks again,

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