Larry’s Dawg House: Sort of an Athens Secret?

Photo via Larry's Dawg House Facebook

Larry’s Dog House is definitely one of my favorite places to go eat questionable meats in phallic form for a very reasonable price. I feel as if its one of the most over-looked eating establishments in Athens and its right under your nose. Oddly enough, its located a few seconds past Lucky Dog on West Union Street, so you should definitely check it out the next time you make a liquor run.

They have a pretty standard menu full of things that make me proud to be an American; foot-long chili dogs, hamburgers, fries, fish, chicken in its many forms, hand-spun milk shakes, and even pork tenderloin. I have never ordered anything besides the foot-longs and fries but I would assume that it is all just as satisfying.

Photo via Flickr

The thing I really like about Larry’s is that I feel out of place when I go there. The crowd there consists mostly of locals and there’s always tons of little kids and old people there. It definitely has a very down home, mom and pop kind of feel to it. Every Wednesday is Weenie Wednesday where you can get a hotdog for 99 cents. What a deal.

I’m actually very impressed by Larry’s use of social media as a means of advertising and interacting with their customer base. I have a feeling that they have one of their younger employees that runs their Facebook page because the man who owns it (Larry Young) is old and presumably, a social media virgin.

Their Facebook page has a much higher amount of “likes” than I would have expected, coming in at a staggering 3, 229 people. In addition to this, they have claimed their business on FourSquare and made it so that it shows up when people “Check-In” at their establishment. Out of all the groups I’ve looked at so far, Larry’s and Casa Nueva are the only places I have seen that utilize FourSquare for their social media needs.

They update their Facebook page nearly every day, which is something I cant say about most of the other pages I’ve looked at. Even when the information becomes repetitive every week (Weenie Wednesdays has 99 cent hot dogs) it is still important that you let people know. They have weekly specials and post calendars of those specials for your weenie eating convenience, all to show that they care about their customer.

When someone posts on their wall, they generally make an effort to let that person know that their thanks is appreciated. For instance,

Photo via

someone recently posted on their wall telling them their family enjoyed the birthday cake that Larry’s Dog Shack made for them and Larry’s “liked” the post. It’s something very easy for businesses to do and it is another way to show your customer that you listen to what they say.

Another cool feature of their Facebook page is a tab that I’ve never seen that allows you to review the restaurant and give it a star-rating. This is a risky feature to put on your website unless you’re very sure about your product and its quality because negative word-of-mouth can be much more influential than positive.

There Facebook page also links you to their website which doesn’t have very much content at the moment except for a menu and some et ceteras. It is, however, being built but there is no date of completion set.

They don’t have a Twitter account so I can’t really comment on them in that capacity but it would be something that could be beneficial to them. Many people have their FourSquare accounts linked up with their Twitters so whenever someone checks-in to Larry’s, it is all for naught. This is an avenue they should consider following to increase the connectivity with their fans that praise their fine dining establishment.

Even though they are only really active on Facebook, Larry’s does a good job of leveraging their page as a resource for their fans to find out what’s going on in their store. I’m pretty impressed. Kudos, Larry!


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