Last of the Arkansas Greyhounds

I really like this recording. This recording is good. I like it when this recording tells me I’ve been bad. This recording thinks VCR is just as good as DVR.

What has become Leo Kottke’s distinctive style of playing is displayed on this album, which was recorded at Tacoma Records in 1969. As the title implies, the album consists of his playing instrumental tracks on both 6 and 12 string guitars. The compositions are a mix of folk, blues, and jazzy styles of playing and he displays his proficiency in fast finger work, slide guitar, and at times, he throws in a little bit of flamenco. The result of his unique style of playing and polyphonic, textured melodies coax your ears into believing that you are listening to two musicians playing simultaneously; one of my favorite attributes of Kottke.

Like many artists who create instrumental works, he chooses to give his songs long, nonsensical names in lieu of actual lyrical musings. This track will make you as moist as a snack cake down there.


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