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Last of the Arkansas Greyhounds

I really like this recording. This recording is good. I like it when this recording tells me I’ve been bad. This recording thinks VCR is just as good as DVR.

What has become Leo Kottke’s distinctive style of playing is displayed on this album, which was recorded at Tacoma Records in 1969. As the title implies, the album consists of his playing instrumental tracks on both 6 and 12 string guitars. The compositions are a mix of folk, blues, and jazzy styles of playing and he displays his proficiency in fast finger work, slide guitar, and at times, he throws in a little bit of flamenco. The result of his unique style of playing and polyphonic, textured melodies coax your ears into believing that you are listening to two musicians playing simultaneously; one of my favorite attributes of Kottke.

Like many artists who create instrumental works, he chooses to give his songs long, nonsensical names in lieu of actual lyrical musings. This track will make you as moist as a snack cake down there.


Ohio University

Photo via ohio.edu

Today, I am choosing to focus my attention on Ohio University and their rather impressive use of social media outlets to keep students informed about whats going on at the university and abroad.

Ohio University: Twitter

The university’s Twitter account, @ohiou, currently boasts an impressive amount of followers at 10, 356 tweeps, while only following 1,771 themselves. The Twitter is updated by University Communications and Marketing, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm, and they are extremely informative and make sure to hold a conversation with their audience.

I try to tweet about @ohiou every once in a while because they’re actually very good about responding to peoples questions and comments. I think this is great because if you have a quick question that you want answered and you don’t know who to contact, there’s a good chance that they can point you in the right direction. Last week I tweeted at the university with a message that I crafted with the hopes of it being retweeted and sure enough, they did. The conversation went as follows:

  • @HumbleMumble: Making a Top 10 list of Co’s I want to speak to at the @ohiouCareer and Internship Fair tmrw. Research the companies. They’ll be impressed! (They retweeted it; I was excited.)
  • @HumbleMumble: Ooh, @ohiou RT’d me. I feel so honored. Boy do I know how to craft a message to my intended audience
  • @ohiou: Thanks @humblemumble! That was good (and timely) advice for@ohiou students preparing for tomorrow’s career fair.http://ow.ly/3Nxx1

They showed an active interest in their students and went on to provide more information about something that would be beneficial to them. Because they were kind enough to retweet me, my tweet obviously appeared on their Twitter timeline and some friends from freshmen year I hadn’t talked to in a while saw that and started following me.

Ohio University: Facebook

The university’s Facebook page provides a wealth of information about things that are going at all of the different campus branches such as different sporting events, educational opportunities and campus closings.

The page has 23,020 fans, which means that they have the potential to reach the largest audience out of all of their social media platforms. The way they use most of their social media is to provide meta-data from all of their affiliate sites, which ultimately brings traffic to their main web pages.

Ohio University: MySpace

Sooooooo, the university has a MySpace page that isn’t updated very often and has 39 friends. I’m not 100% sure but I think they should chalk that up as a loss and stop wasting their time updating it, albeit infrequently. I’m pretty sure MySpace is dieing any way; they completely re-branded/changed their layout and I have no idea how to navigate it any more and they’ve been laying off people at a feverish pace.

I don’t want to nay-say the entire Ohio University MySpace page so I’ll say some positive things I think about it. While it doesn’t have many friends, it does provide a lot of useful information all on one page. It has links to university events, blogs, their YouTube video content, pictures, and a calendar of sporting events. Overall, I think the continuation of the site is a fruitless effort, but that decision isn’t up to me.

Ohio University: YouTube

I found Ohio University’s YouTube page to be very informative and would have been something I would have found beneficial when I was searching for a school to attend. The YouTube channel was started in 2008 and has 146 friends and 211 subscribers. The channel, OhioUniv, has gotten 232,586 views and people have watched the various videos 111,347 times, which means that they are reaching a large quantity of people with their channel.

The channel is instrumental in providing incoming freshman or potential applicants with information about day-to-day life and activities at Ohio University. They have several playlist categories such as Admissions, Green Ohio, First Year at Ohio U, Sights and Sounds of Campus, Ohio Events and Activities, Ohio Research, Ohio Arts, and a few other categories.

Additionally, this page contains a news feed from Ohio’s COMPASS magazine which is another great resource for finding information about the university. It also links directly to the familiar Ohio University homepage via tabs for Current Students, Future Students, Parents/Families, Alumni/Friends and Faculty/Staff.

Ohio University: RSS Feed

It’s cool that they have this available for you to use but it’s actually just an RSS feed to Ohio’s COMPASS magazine; a useful resource nonetheless.

Klout is a website that provides you with in-depth information about how influential you are in your social networks. On the website, Ohio University scores a 59, which trumps my measly score of 45.